Obscurity ModPack is rather lightweight as far as mod packs go, but that doesn’t mean it is light on features. Though there is a limited number of mods included in this pack, when you’re talking about mod packs, “limited” can mean a few dozen rather than a couple hundred, and that’s what you get here. In Obscurity, the darkness is your enemy. Not in the sense that enemies can spawn in dark spaces once the sun goes down, but in the sense that the darkness actually hurts you. You will need to keep tons of torches, glowstone, lava and other light sources on hand to prevent this damage.

As long as you use enough light and keep the world around you bright, you can easily avoid the number one worst part about this mod pack. Obscurity ModPack 1.7.10 uses the HQM mod to give players an outline of several different quests to complete, as well as limiting them to a small number of lives to complete those quests. If you die a lot while playing Minecraft normally, you will probably want to avoid this mod pack because you have limited lives. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a mighty but fair challenge, then Obscurity could be perfect for you.

Minor alterations can be found throughout Obscurity, like the custom sound effects added for a number of mundane tasks like mining stone and chopping trees. There are more blocks and items than you are used to seeing as well, but that’s just par for the course when talking about mod packs.

Obscurity ModPack Mods List

Here is a list with all 80 mods that are included in Obscurity ModPack:

Obscurity ModPack Installation

Each launcher is different, so same is for the installation process. If you want to see how to install Obscurity ModPack for each launcher, please take a look at our ModPacks Installations page.

Download Obscurity ModPack

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