If you’re tired of all the mod packs that feature magical spells and energy or some sort of super advanced technology, then you might want to take a look at Poke’What. There are Pokemon of sorts, giving you plenty of opportunities to catch and befriend monsters, and there’s also a major focus on building beautiful structures. All of the content packed into this package might slow down even high-end PCs, so if you do decide to give Poke’What a try, it would be a good idea to also install FastCraft first. That’s a mod that can help boost your FPS by making some adjustments you normally can’t make.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any source for server files, which means you’ll need to make your own if you want to use this mod pack, unless you’re able to find those files online somewhere. Also, some of the mods included with this pack are quite dated, with more recent versions available. That means you’ll need to go through the mods, one by one, and make updates where needed if you don’t want to run into compatibility issues. The first mod you should update is probably PokeCube, which is what makes the Pokemon spawn.

If you’re not looking to do a bunch of maintenance before you even play, Poke’What is a mod pack you should probably avoid. However, once you manage to get everything up and running properly, Poke’What is a ton of fun – probably the best mod pack around for Pokemon lovers.

Poke’What ModPack Mods List

Here is a list with all 44 mods that are included in Poke’What ModPack:

Poke’What ModPack Installation

Each launcher is different, so same is for the installation process. If you want to see how to install Poke’What ModPack for each launcher, please take a look at our ModPacks Installations page.

Download Poke’What ModPack

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