In the Post Finem mod pack, you play in a world which gave out after supporting a population which was just too much for it to bear. Wars have left the surface of the world scarred, and you’ll frequently find the remains of smaller city-states, as well as larger civilizations, while playing through the game. Basically, technology which was set aside before the war destroyed everything somehow manages to return to earth several thousand years later, and that’s where you come into the equation. It’s up to you to gather whatever resources are left to find and give civilization the jump start it needs.

The story and setting in this mod pack are fairly ambitious, and thankfully the gameplay doesn’t disappoint either, so Post Finem is actually a really good choice for mod packs. It’s not as if you absolutely have to play alone either – once you set up the server files and get Post Finem running, you can have as many friends as you like join the world with you, so you can all play together. But you don’t get additional resources for those additional people, so if you invite too many folks, there isn’t going to be enough gear, weapons, armor or items to go around.

Conservation is key in Post Finem. You can’t waste the few resources you come across, as they are very limited in scope. So, avoiding fights whenever possible is a good idea here. You’ll also want to avoid things like fall damage, which will hurt your gear and (maybe) even break it.

Post Finem ModPack Mods List

Here is a list with all 69 mods that are included in Post Finem ModPack:

Post Finem ModPack Installation

Each launcher is different, so same is for the installation process. If you want to see how to install Post Finem ModPack for each launcher, please take a look at our ModPacks Installations page.

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