If you want a mod pack that offers you a ton of freedom, then you should take a look at Project Ozone ModPack for Minecraft. Skyblock fans will feel a sense of familiarity with the start of the map, since they begin floating high in the sky. There are a number of short quests to complete, and once you take care of the first bracket of quests, you’ll get a guidebook called Simple Achievements which you can read and follow for more quests and rewards if you wish. However, there is no real need to finish any quests if you don’t want to. You’re free to just jump into another dimension if you like.

That’s a point where Project Ozone stands apart from many other mod packs – most of them force you along a very narrow, predictable path while this one does not. There are still limited lives to keep in mind though, so you can’t just go killing yourself all over the map if you actually want to make it to the end. At least you get more than one go, unlike if you were playing Hardcore mode. Your first goal should probably be to find materials and make as much armor as you possibly can, and the higher the defense values the better.

There are literally dozens of mods packaged together in Project Ozone, with too many to list them all here. But thankfully, you can also add your own mods to the mix if you desire. There are no guarantees they will fit without causing problems, but you can add them.


v1.7.10S for MC 1.7.10
  • Updated a bunch of mods
  • This is the final version.
  • Issue tracker will be closed and so will the comments; however, keep a lookout on twitter for info on Project Ozone 2.
  • Warning: Backup your worlds before updating, meaning old worlds probably won’t work well and be careful using the Stranded map.
  • Note: I jumped to Project Ozone 1.7.10 just to be funny.
  • If the game crashes upon loading update Open modular turrets.

JourneyMap Mod Packs Mods List

Here is a list with all 130 mods that are included in JourneyMap Mod Packs:

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Each launcher is different, so same is for the installation process. If you want to see how to install JourneyMap Mod Packs for each launcher, please take a look at our ModPacks Installations page.

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