In Refuge modpack, you’ll be fighting against the environment around you from the moment you start the game. That’s because the sky literally rains explosive bits of fire and brimstone, and they’ll definitely take you out if you get too close since they do tons more damage than even a lightning strike in vanilla Minecraft. Don’t hold out for any helping hands either – those who weren’t able to escape from the area in helicopters died in the intermittent storms, so you’re going to have to count on yourself if you want to make it out of this mess alive.

As for technical details about the pack, it would be a good idea to turn up your minimum memory amount to something like 2 GB if you can manage it. The Refuge mod pack uses a ton of different mods that altogether create a serious drain on system resources, so the game will play somewhat slowly if you don’t feed it more memory. The custom textures provided by Blorph’s resource pack also make most of the edges and blocks in the game look much crisper and finer, and that’s guaranteed to make your graphics card work a bit harder to render those textures.

Whether you are looking for an epic single player story to run through on your own, or you want a unique environment to host on your server for other players to enjoy, Refuge has you covered. Before putting it up for others to use though, it would be smart to check it yourself for all of the included mods and if you like what you see.

Refuge ModPack Mods List

Here is a list with all 40 mods that are included in Refuge ModPack:

Refuge ModPack Installation

Each launcher is different, so same is for the installation process. If you want to see how to install Refuge ModPack for each launcher, please take a look at our ModPacks Installations page.

Download Refuge ModPack

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